What You Need to Wear A Goth Makeup Properly

Wearing goth makeup has moved from being a trend for Halloween parties and themed events to a regular makeup material. Today, you now have people who prefer makeup to look goth. If you do not know what goth makeup is about, it is a make-up where you are turning your skin to a very light color while painting your lips and eyes with dark shades of colors.

To apply goth makeup properly, you need a lot of patience to get suitable materials and follow the proper process. Without these materials and the process in the right manner, there may be a terrible mistake that will take you ages to correct. If you want to learn how to wear goth makeup, keep reading this guide;

Get the right materials

The first step to a successful goth makeup is the materials. Goth makeup is way different from your regular makeup. Therefore, you may not be using any of your everyday makeup kits. Some of the materials you will need include;

Choose the right foundation

With goth makeup, you want your skin to look very light, as against your standard skin shade. Therefore, the foundation you need to buy should be lighter than your usual foundation. You can either choose a foundation that is two or three times lighter than your everyday shade. You may want to try out the foundation that is two times lighter first, so you do not get a look that is too bright.

Choose dark eyeshadow

Most of the goth makeup you will see around usually has a black eyeshadow. It has become so generic for most goth makeup artists. If you want, you may try to switch it up a bit by adding some color. However, this color should be in darker shades. You have options like green, purple, red, brown, amongst other colors. Ensure that you are getting the darkest shades of these colors. That way, you still maintain the dark color required for a goth look, and you do not also lose out on looking boring.

Start with a black eyeliner

For your usual makeup, you may not exactly need eyeliner. But with the goth makeup, you need a black liner. Now, if it is your first time trying any liner on, you should start with a black liner because it is effortless to use, and when there are any mistakes, correcting them is not a problem. If you have been using eyeliner for a long while, then maybe using black liquid eyeliner is the best option. The line from the liquid eyeliner is clearer and generally better than the usual eyeliner. Also, it lasts longer, and you also have waterproof options if you tend to sweat a lot.

Black mascara

With goth makeup, the idea is to look bold, and for the lack of a better word, scary. To achieve this look, mascara is essential. With the mascara, you can get the whole area around your eye very dark.


Getting the items you will need to achieve your goth look is almost as important as the look itself. Check out this guide for more information on the materials required for goth makeup.