Tips on Washing Your Teddy Bear Slippers

These teddy bear slippers are linked to former president Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. Slippers have a long history, having been worn indoors and outdoors in various cultures and periods. But in the west, we tend to think of slippers as a comfortable at-home shoes unless we are wearing them for pajama day at school.

Seeing the simple pattern for sale online, you will know right away that these bear slippers have been around for a long time. The pattern has been in the market since 1980 based on printing and graphic design. Since the year mentioned, most of the online shops offering slippers have listed this design.

There’s a little more information available on teddy bear slippers. They date all the way back to the Chicago Daily Tribune of the 1940s. According to my findings, children’s teddy bear slippers are typically made of thick, plush material.

Steps on Washing Your Teddy Bear Slippers

You’ve purchased a pair of our classic teddy bear slippers, and you cannot help yourself swooning over their adorable features and cuddly, snug fit.

In time, you’ve noticed that your teddy bears have morphed into dust teddy bears, losing some of their shine and turning grayish, which naturally raises the following question: can your teddy bear slippers be washed without damaging their natural look and quality?

We have provided some helpful advice below.

Take note that your washing results may vary depending on how you wash them. Also, an older pair of teddy slippers can’t make it look new after washing. Washing can get rid of dirt and other particles sticking on the surface of your slippers.

  • Put the slippers in your washing machine.
  • You can wash your teddy bearswith other light-colored garments. Place the slippers into a mesh laundry bag if it is available for an extra layer of protection.
  • Pour one standard laundry detergent dose into the mixture.
  • Turn on the gentle or cold water cycle for the wash.
  • Remove the teddy bearsfrom the washer and allow them to air dry. To fluff up the soles, give them a good whack with a hard object; you should also reshape the ears.
  • You’ve now successfully re-energized your teddy bear slippers!

This time, the white is noticeably brighter. It’s incredible how clean and fresh it is. Doing this regularly to maintain the look of cleanliness of the slippers can help them last longer.

End Thoughts

Most of the teddy bear slippers are made of polyester knit with rubber soles. A teddy bear can bring you some much-needed warmth and comfort when you’re feeling down. These luxurious slippers are perfect for lounging around the house after a long day at work and let your feet breathe. Some brands may cost more, and others are quite affordable. If you can afford to buy the expensive ones, then good for you. But for those who are on a tight budget but want to have a pair of these cute teddy bear slippers, you can opt for the cheaper ones but make sure it is made of good materials.