Importance of hot tub maintenance

Servicing your hot tub keeps its system working; work out a maintenance plan to increase the service life of your hot tub. However, buying quality hot tubs will reduce the maintenance; here is a link to content that will provide information about quality hot tubs. There are many benefits of hot tub maintenance, including reducing the risk of minor issues becoming more significant systemic issues. Maintenance keeps the hot tub systems running smoothly and safely.

Why you should service your hot tub

Servicing involves draining the water on the hot tub a few times a year and cleansed few times a week. Servicing should include cleaning the filters, airing the shell covers if you have an indoor hot tub, filling up the tub to keep it full, a regular electrical check-up and adjusting the water balance a few times a week.

Increase the service life of the hot tub

If the systems are working well, their performance and functionality will increase. Servicing keeps the filters, pumps and jets in check; unnoticed minor problems are solved early before they escalate.

Energy saving

Keep adjusting your settings, especially when the tub is not in use, to save energy. Keep track of the energy used to control energy usage. You can add more insulation to the shell covers to increase energy efficiency.


Servicing your hot tub prevents hazardous accidents like electronic shocks due to faulty wires. You will be able to notice the faults if you regularly service your hot tub. Cleaning your hot tub water prevents you from getting sick, sanitizing the water weekly prevents the growth of bacteria.

Improve the water quality

To maintain the quality of water, always clean and disinfect. Use chlorine and bromine to treat the water; if the hot tub is regularly used, so do the disinfects. Before getting into the tub, make sure you have showered to remove the germs which may contaminate the water. The water temperatures should not go beyond 40 degrees.

Maintenance ensures proper circulation, which helps in proper chemical circulation and keeping the water warm.

There are other alternatives to using chemicals to treat water; they are non-chemical systems that eliminate chemicals to treat water. They are expensive but worth the try; they include; ultraviolet systems, salt-based systems, ozonators, ionizers,non-chlorine shock, etc.


Hot tubs that are well maintained should serve you for five years and above. Quality hot tubs that are well-maintained can go up to 20 years. However, the quality of materials determines the life span of hot tub maintenance is just a contributing factor. Servicing is a way of protecting your investment; there is no need to spend so much on a hot tub only to end up neglecting it. Think of the maintenance cost as a way of adding more years of service.

For continuous benefits, you need to ensure the system is always working correctly. Keeping tabs on the electrical wiring and other essential parts of the hot tub is essential. You can also check if the manufacturer of the hot tub offers servicing packages, you can choose the regular or annual package.