How to Stretch Your Sneakers to Fit Your Legs Perfectly

Looking for the Best Quality Replica YEEZY Sneakers 1:1 can be a tough search. The YEEZY sneakers were a limited collection for Kanye West, and as such, it was a little bit expensive. As expected, a lot of counterfeit YEEZY products came into the market, leveraging cheaper prices as a way to market. However, these YEEZY sneakers did not have the exact look of the original YEEZYs’. On the off-chance that they looked like Yeezy, the quality was nothing to write home about. This does not mean it is impossible to find YEEZY sneakers that look exactly like the original version – you will only require a long search. What can be painful is after searching online and offline, you find one that is not your size. This is one of the most hurtful feelings for any sneakers lover – not getting your size.

If you do not find your size, try to get the size closest to you and stretch it.  Note that it must not be so far away from your original size. For instance, if you wear a size 44, there is no way a size 39 will stretch to your size. However, a size 42 or 43 can still stretch out and fit you. Getting the sneakers to fit you through stretching can be a tedious task that you may need to try continuously. However, ensure that you are patient enough to see it work. In this guide, we will describe how to Stretch Your Sneakers in two different methods.

Using cold Temperature

Temperature changes are the best way to stretch your sneakers. Most materials react when exposed to extreme temperatures. For some materials, they react only when hot, while for others, hot and cold. The sneakers fall under the hot and cold category. Here is how to Stretch Your Sneakers with cold. You will be using water since it stretches when it is frozen. The steps to follow include;

  • Put water into nylon that you can seal: ensure it is well sealed, and do not fill the water to the brim.
  • Fix these bags into both shoes: Ensure it is fixed from one end to the other.
  • Put your sneakers in the freezer: The idea is to make the water cold.
  • Leave the sneakers for a long period until the water freezes
  • Take out sneakers and check.
  • Try the process again if the sneakers do not stretch.

Using hot temperature

The hot temperature is another good way to stretch your sneakers. You will need a hairdryer for this process. The procedure is;

  • Put on double stocking: You want the sneakers to be as tight as possible.
  • Wear sneakers and stretch legs: The sneakers may be very tight, but try to stretch your legs as much as you can.
  • Heat the sneakers at intervals: With your legs hitting the brim, you will heat the sneakers with hair dryers. Try to heat at the front of the sneakers. Also, try to move your legs while heating. Do not burn your legs; a 45-second interval is good for the healing process.


Finding the best replica for your dream sneakers is not easy. So it is more than heartbreaking to find a size close to yours. With the steps in this guide, you can stretch your sneakers.