How to Adjust the Spring of Roll Up Doors

The function of roll up door springs is to make opening and closing the door an easy and less challenging process. Roll up doors are amazing doors at giving protection and beautifying the home, amongst other advantages. These doors are very common in garages and industries because of these advantages. The design and features of these doors are amazing. In its decades of existence, many other door designs with their respective benefits have been launched. However, someway, no door design has been able to replace the garage door design. It is not like other door options are not great, but the uniqueness of roll-up doors can not be matched. Instead of replacement, modifications to the existing designs of the roll-up door are what are standard.

While a roll up door is great, a vital part of the doors is the springs. With the good springs, your door will work seamlessly, and you will enjoy the flow. But when the door springs are bad, your door will not open and close properly. Also, apart from the door opening and closing differently, it may close unexpectedly. This speed may lead to some severe injuries, and in worst cases, it can lead to dirt – especially when it is a small child. There are a couple of reasons your garage door springs may go bad. Part of it is the type of garage door you have, the spring type, and the frequent usage of the roll up. The type of door and spring type will also influence how easy it is to fix your door springs. Obviously, fixing door springs is a technical task to take on. As such, it is better to call a technician to help the process. However, in some cases, a simple adjustment to the springs may fix the bad springs. To adjust your door springs, you should follow this procedure.

Understand the spring type and design

There are two commonly accepted types of springs used in roll-up doors. It is either you are using a side-mounted spring or the torsional spring. As expected, the side-mounted springs are on the side, while the torsional springs are at the top. If you have the side-mounted springs, you can fix that easily, but if it is the torsional one, first call an expert. While understanding the spring type, it is best to figure out the issue and find your best solution to the problem.

Get necessary tools

You can not adjust either the torsional or side-mounted springs without getting the necessary tools.

What to do if it is side-mounted

If It is a side-mounted spring, you need to open the door completely, and hold it firmly using a c-clamp during the process. After that, take off the hook on the spring and adjust appropriately. If you want to reduce the tension, you can attach the hook to a lower hole, and if you want to increase it, connect to a higher hook. After that, you should carefully test your door to see if it is working fine.

What to do if it is the torsion springs

In the case of torsional springs, it is best you call an expert to help. To do this, you will be working with the door closed and you will unscrew and screw a lot of nuts. Any mistake, and there may be severe injuries.