How can you melt the lace on a wig?

While learning to use an HD lace wig, you would have heard the wig wearers perfectly blending the lace on the hairline to give a realistic look. Many items, such as freeze gel and spray, are used widely to furnish the HD lace, which will help it stick to the scalp of your head. Hence it will look like it melted into the hairline. A few minutes are required to make your hd melting lace front wig look perfect if you are getting guidance from a professional hair stylist.

Things to do remember

  • Freeze spray is used for securing the HD or transparent lace around the hair line, and the use of a blow dryer is a must to hold the lace in place
  • Placing the wrap tape on the hairline for 10 to 15 minutes will help attach the lace.
  • Cutting wrap strips in a zig-zag manner will help in the blending of lace more evenly.

Positioning of wig

First, you have to select the wig cap to make a coating or covering between your scalp and the wig. Wig caps are also known as stocking caps and can be purchased online. A stocking cap can hold your natural human hair and helps create the wig surface. Then making the layer adjust your wig according to your hairline where you feel the most comfortable. Check the position from all angles to see if it looks perfect. Most HD lace wigs have pre-installed straps to tighten or lose the wig.

After that, use the freeze spray along the hairline, which will help hold the wig. Having the wig in the right place, slightly lift the lace and use freeze spray to coat the hairline. Try spraying it as close as possible to avoid the spread all over your head. Be prepared to feel the cooling effect of freeze spray on your head. Before going to the step of cutting and melting, don’t forget to blow dry over your hairline. High heat settings can burn your scalp, so try to use low or medium heat. Now put the wrap strip on your hairline for 15 minutes. Wrap strips are usually stretchy and thin and made up of a creep-like strip of paper. This strip is used to hold your wig in position and helps the lace to melt into your hairline. Now you can do your other tasks and don’t worry about it if you forget to remove the strip on time. It will not cause any harm if it stays longer.

Cutting and melting of lace

Now remove the strip and reveal the hairline and lace. For doing that you can use scissors. Cut in a zig-zag pattern and keep it close to the hairline. Get a pin tail comb and apply the gel to the edges of the lace. Now you have to dry the gel using a hair dryer. It will melt your lace and give you a realistic look. After that, change the settings of the hair dryer and set the medium or low heat condition. Now run it over your hairline. You can use a damp towel to clean up excess gel for finishing. This process is used for cutting and melting the lace wig.