Four Celebrities That Have Worn Bob Wigs

The evolution of short bob wigs in the wig industry is one that is exciting. From being a wig option that is not stressful on its length, bob wigs have gone on to become one of the most stylish wig options globally. With many options available, most real wig lovers usually have a short bob wig. If you are a bob wig lover, you most likely love the wig because of its short length – meaning it does not obstruct your daily activities.

Another reason why people love bob wigs is because of their natural and stylish look. Most bob wigs seem like you have your natural hair on, but it still has lovely designs that will amaze onlookers. Besides the short length and beautiful look, bob wigs last longer than the longer option. That’s because you need a less stressful process to clean, protect, and maintain your wig.

You are not the only one who loves bob wigs; there are thousands of other wig lovers who want the wig. Some celebrities have gone out to impress with their bob wigs and trust the bob wig never to miss. Let’s look at the celebrities who have worn bob wigs at one point or the other.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian may have gotten into the limelight through the reality TV series, The Kardashians. But aside from the show, Kim is a role model for people in fashion. From her hair to her toe, Kim is always wearing a good outfit from time to time. Kim is one of the solid promoters and wearers of bob wigs globally. The bob wigs she wears are usually cut evenly around. However, in the front of her wigs, there’s some extra length. This extra length allows for more room during the styling process of the hair.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, or J-Lo, as she’s fondly called, is one of the most elegant female celebrities on the planet. If you try to find someone who dresses better than Jennifer Lopez, then you may have a hard time trying to find that person. She’s got a beautiful face and a fabulous body. When she wears the bob wig, it sits naturally and elegantly. With many styling options that she loves, Jennifer Lopez is one lover of short bob wigs

Jourdan Dunn

Bob wigs come with different parting designs, but the most common is the middle part option. One celebrity that remains unique while wearing her bob is Jourdan Dunn. Usually, she has her bob wigs styled as a side part bob wig. She wears the wig confidently and with all uniqueness because it is a particular style.

Kaia Gerber

Many people are fond of concluding that bob wigs can’t curl because they have short lengths. But Kaia Gerber has changed that narrative. Her bob wigs are usually shining, but the gentle curls on the wigs are what get the attention of anyone.


Bob wigs are tremendous and unique wigs anyone can wear for any event. It can give you a gentle, classy, and fierce look – depending on how you style your wig. We’ve described four celebrities who wear short bob wigs and how they wear them.