Effortless Makeup Blotting Paper Tips & Tricks

To keep your face looking clean, fresh, and matte, use these little sheets to absorb excess oil and perspiration from your skin. They won’t disturb your makeup or leave a powdery residue behind. These sheets, made of an extra-absorbent material, are great for removing oil and sweat from your face. There will be no worries about oil spilling all over your face when you take it off after using it.

An Amazing Makeup-setter

Surely, you’ve had a flawlessly put makeup look ruined by sweat and shine. It’s good to know that blotting papers are available to help! Blotting papers are a life-saver that absorbs oil from the face and are known as facial oil blotting paper makeup. They are a must-have for any makeup bag since they are the holy grail when it comes to preserving your makeup.

The first and last phases of your daily routine are equally important when it comes to keeping oil at bay. One of the best methods to keep your makeup looking fresh all day and night long is to set your look.

Under-Rated Product

Dermatology and cosmetics got their start with blotting papers. It is a miraculous square of tissue paper having the ability to make oil disappear and restore order to blooming teenage complexions. Having an envelope of blotting paper in your handbag, backpack, or back pocket seemed like a form of insurance to make your make-over games strong. To this day, blotting paper still seems commonplace even though it hasn’t altered much through the years.

Steps to Use Blotting Paper

Towelettes to Remove Oil from The Skin

Keep a roll of Blotting Paper in your wallet or purse for quick messes. Pat the sheet onto the damaged areas using neutral force while keeping the paper entirely flat until the entire sheet is soiled and achieves the desired result. The T-Zone is a place to start because this is where most of your skin’s excess oil accumulates.

Mattify Makeup

The matte make-over is your best ally if you have oily skin or tend to break out easily. Make sure to apply the blotting paper in an even and gentle manner. Want to make your favorite color look more matte? Stain and seal the pigment with blotting paper. Then, gently press down on the blotting paper to remove any remaining traces of the substance. It helps to set or mattify the pigment while also distributing it evenly on your lips!

Make a Last-Minute Makeover

On a date night, do you prefer smudged mascara or eyeliner? To avoid raccoon eyes, you can use a piece of blotting paper and gently dab the area around your eyes.

Final Thoughts

Since high school, you may not have given blotting papers a second consideration. Now is the time to reconsider. When it comes to blotting sheets, they’ve gone a long way from the ones you used as a teenager. They are made with better chemicals that soak up extra oil without destroying your make-up, so they are more effective.