Big Floppa Meme Caracal Cat Print Men and Women

The first t-shirt with a big floppa image was created by Russian video producer Andrei Bondarev in April 2018. The elongated tufts on its ears and bright green eyes make this big cat look adorable. The image is now available as a women’s hoodie and is available in a variety of colors and sizes. A men’s version is also available and the sizing is true to size.

The hoodie has been popular in the market since the internet made it popular. The hoodies, shirts, and hats bearing the image of the popular cat have been gaining massive popularity. Gosha, a caracal cat, was originally born in a Ukrainian cattery and adopted by a family. The bondarevs have made their pet cat popular on the internet.

Various Styles

When it comes to apparel, there are many funny hoodies that will capture your attention. The Big Floppa Meme Cute Caracal Cat is available in various styles and colors for you to choose from. This popular brand offers a variety of hooded sweatshirts, ladies t-shirts, and long-sleeve t-shirts. You’ll be able to find the perfect look for your wardrobe.

Different Sizes for Both Genders

If you love animals and dank memes, then you’ll definitely love Big Floppa’s Meme Cute Caracal Cat hoodies! These stylish apparels come in both ladies’ t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts. Available in sizes S, M, and L, women’s styles fit true to size. Men’s sizes run small, so they should be able to find a good size for them.

A Fashion Statement

It is hard to find a cat print hoodie that doesn’t have the caracal logo on it. Whether you want to make your hoodie a fashion statement or wear it to show off your pride in your city’s unique cultural diversity, you can find a Big Floppy hoodie online. This hoodie features the image of the famous Russian cat, which has gained popularity online. The design of this hoodie is very unique and combines the traditional hoodie with a cartoon character’s elongated ears.

Charming & Endearing Image

While it may have an edgy, goofy look, a cat-like this will surely catch your attention! The image of this cartoon cat is as charming and endearing as the one that inspired it. This shirt will make you feel like a hipster with your new favorite character, while at the same time giving you a stylish and comfortable look.

The Meme Caracal Cat print hoodies are one of the most popular hoodies in the market. It has big ears and tufts of fur. You can also get a ladies t-shirt with this design. In addition, the hoodies’ image has bright green eyes and look great on any woman. It is a funny meme and the hoodies are available in different designs.