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6 Killer Opportunities For Stay At Home Moms To Make Money From Home Legitimately.

Work Home MomIf you are a Mom looking for working from home opportunities, there are 6 options that will be a great starting point. Can you work with words, numbers or people? Then you have all the skills you will need.

Most stay at home Moms have a “mommy magic time”, generally between 4pm and 8pm, when they need to spend time with their kids. Outside of these hours, most Moms have at least one block of time during the day or evening when they could be building a home-based income for themselves.

If you are one of these Moms, we guarantee that at least one of these options will work for you. 

So, What’s The Best Way For Me, Personally, To Make Extra Money?

Well, the best way to decide is to consider the options according to your personal preference. Are you best at working with…

  • words
  • numbers,
  • or people?

Most work from home opportunities will need you to have one of these skills predominantly. Even if you feel you can work with two or even three of these alternatives, choosing your top preference will ensure that you are able to make a success of it.

Let’s Start With Writing

There are three great opportunities for Moms who can write well – website content, transcription and writing Santa letters.

Writing Content For Websites

To write good website content, you need to understand the site’s objectives. Most websites either have a commercial objective (to sell or promote something) or an information objective (to provide information as a support service). There are some websites that have other objectives, such as to promote a cause, but they aren’t as common.

Content for sites with a commercial objective needs to do more than just communicate. It needs to persuade people to take a particular course of action, such as purchasing or subscribing. The style of writing required for this type of content is called “copywriting”. It involves particular skills that are fun to learn, particularly if you have a creative mind.

Good informational writing, on the other hand, requires a style that is objective and accurate, whilst still being engaging to the reader.

Readers of web content tend to scan, rather than read articles word for word. So, web writing is somewhat different to writing a book. Sentences and paragraphs have to be shorter and the text needs to be broken up into chunks, visually.

If the idea of writing web content appeals to you, the best starting point is to find a guide to help you get going. This guide, which is all about writing for pay, is affordable and guaranteed to give you everything you need to earn money by writing web content:

Writing For Pay Guide

Providing Transcription Services

Most people first hear about the opportunity to earn money as a transcriptionist online when they come across ads for medical or legal transcription services. What they don’t realise is that to do this type of transcription work requires specialist training.

General transcriptionists, however, do not require specialised training.

All you need to be able to do is type reasonably fast (otherwise your earnings per hour will be low) and check and correct spelling and grammar.

There is a huge amount of work available online for general transcriptionists. Internet marketers create video and audio information products, for example, and they want to generate a written version of the video or audio recording. People who record webinars, podcasts or teleconferences often need to provide written copies of the discussion to their audience afterwards.

All of these examples would require a transcriptionist.

Whilst the hourly rates for transcription aren’t sky high, it is still a good way of earning a decent income. And transcription is something that anyone with a good ear and the ability to work with words can do.

If you like the idea of transcribing recordings, the best way forward is to invest in a guide. This guide, called “Guide to Starting a Transcription Biz”, costs next to nothing. It’s guaranteed to give you everything you need to earn an income from transcription:

Starting a Transcription Biz Guide

Writing Santa Letters

Writing Santa LettersThis is a great (if somewhat quirky) seasonal idea to make money from your writing talent. It’s really fun too and it provides the satisfaction of knowing that you have brought joy to many young kids.

Whilst, at face value, the main requirement seems to be the ability to write good children’s letters, it is probably as important that you are a well-organised kind of person. You need to have the letters stamped and ready to go well in advance.

Also, you will need to promote your business, probably offline (such as in your local classified ads) and online too. So, having your own website will be a great help. You can learn about an easy way to get your own website at Mom Webs.

What isn’t so obvious about this opportunity is that it can either be a seasonal business you use to bring in some extra cash around the holidays, or you can actually do it all year round.

How is this possible?

You can find out in this guide which covers everything you need to know, including:

  • how to make it a full-time business
  • the tools, materials and skills you will need
  • how to get a North Pole postmark,
  • marketing to your local area

Starting a Santa Letter Biz Guide

What To Do If You’re Good At Working With Numbers

Bookkeeping For Clients

BookkeeperMany stay at home Moms are probably concerned that they don’t have the knowledge to start a bookkeeping service. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What they don’t realise is that you don’t need to be an accountant to provide bookkeeping services. Accountants need specific qualifications. They do things like setting up a chart of accounts, dealing with the IRS, setting up trusts or implementing adjustments to accounts.

A bookkeeper’s job is quite different.

Bookkeepers take clients’ raw data (generally lists of transactions like payments and expenses, bank statements and credit card statements) and organise them into accounts. A bookkeeper’s end product is a set of financial statements.

To do this, you would need appropriate software, which is easily available online. Such as Quickbooks for PC or Quickbooks for Mac.

If you have a flair for working with figures, and you want to know how to start a bookkeeping business, here is a guide that will give you the A to Z of starting a bookkeeping business:

Starting A Bookkeeping Biz Guide

So, You’re A “People Person”, Right?

Well, here are 2 ideal opportunities for someone like you – become a “virtual assistant” or go mystery shopping.

Become A Virtual Assistant – Assist An Online Tycoon

Virtual AssistantGetting started as a virtual assistant (VA) is a lot less daunting than it seems. If you’re a Mom who hasn’t worked for some time, don’t worry if it seems that you need training and experience to act as someone’s virtual assistant. It doesn’t!

If you can do basic things online, such as opening and responding to emails, making appointments, making calls on your phone or Skype, and providing basic customer service, you have all that is necessary to be a good VA.

Your job as a virtual assistant will be to relieve your employer of mundane day-to-day tasks so that he or she can devote more time to generating revenue. You will either deal with complete customer issues yourself, or refer more complex issues to your employer after initially vetting them.

As you can see, this kind of work is enjoyable for someone who likes people.

If this is you and you want to learn more about it, there is a guide that will give you all you need to know:

Starting A Virtual Assistant Biz Guide

Get Paid For Retail Therapy As A Mystery Shopper!

Shop till you drop and get paid to do so! You must be dreaming, right?

No, it’s real. Mystery shoppers get paid to shop. All they have to do is make a mental note of the details of the shopping transaction and write them down afterwards.

For companies that market a product or service, such as retail outlets, car dealerships or banks, superior customer service is what sets them apart. They invest millions in training their frontline people and measuring how good their service is.

How do they measure their service? By using mystery shoppers to act like real customers.

Mystery shoppers are people, like you, who are similar to the business’ typical customer. They are recruited to visit the outlet and behave like a real customer, asking questions, presenting problems and even buying stuff.

If the idea of being paid to shop appeals to you, there is a guide to mystery shopping will tell you everything – how much you will get paid, how to avoid scams, even how to fit it in with your commitments at home.

You can get more information about the mystery shopping guide here:

Guide To Mystery Shopping


There are opportunities for any stay at Mom to make money from home legitimately, regardless of experience. All it takes is the confidence to get started, the commitment to see it through and a good guide.

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