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How To Start A Work At Home Business

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Agatha Christie

I Have This Business Idea, Now What Do I Do?

Starting An At Home Business

Start by evaluating yourself: Am I a potential entrepreneur or a businessperson?

According to, a businessperson is defined as “a professional working person”.

In contrast, an entrepreneur is defined as “A person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture” by

Starting an at home business will require you to be more than just a businessperson and more of an entrepreneur. You will have to organize, operate and assume the financial and legal risks and responsibilities of your business. Do not start a business just because you have run out of options.

To determine if you have the potential to be an entrepreneur, ask yourself the following questions (and then evaluate whether you are a businessperson or an entrepreneur):

    • What are my goals? What do I hope to achieve?
    • Am I organized?
    • Am I resourceful?
    • Am I a prepared to take risks?
    • Am I committed to achieving my goals?
    • Am I willing to invest my time and invest financially?
    • Do I have adequate business skills and life experience to take on this venture?
    • Do I have self-confidence?
    • Do I have the 4 P’s: patience, perseverance, passion and purpose?
    • Can I think with my head and not my heart?
    • Am I too afraid of making mistakes?
    • Am I competitive?


Vision without action is daydreaming and action without vision is a nightmare.


Now that you have a business idea that fits your business goals and lifestyle, you need to evaluate that idea.

You need to be passionate about your business idea without being emotional and your work at home business idea needs purpose: why do you want to start this business? For what market and which customers?

You will need perseverance and patience because you will have failures along the way.

Establish reasonable milestones; let your vision serve as your inspiration and aim to let your goals embed your vision, but not set in stone as you will have to make adaptations to your strategy as needed.

For the entrepreneur home based business owner, the next step is writing a business plan.

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