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Why Catchy Business Names Are Important For Home Businesses

In the factory we make cosmetics, but in the drugstore we sell hope.

Charles Revlon

Brand BuildingThis famous quotation describes the essence of a brand. We have relationships with brands just like we have relationships with people. They have personalities and we enter into relationships with them because of the rewards they promise us.

This is why it is so important to establish and build a brand name for your home-based business.

Naming Your Legitimate Home-Based Business

In our hometown we have a store called “The Mansfield Regional Produce Store”. It is a great store – wonderful light meals and local produce, and great service and atmosphere. But, as a brand name it is terrible. It is long, clunky and difficult to pronounce and remember.

So, the locals have renamed it “Proddy’s”. How catchy is that?!

Why is “Proddy’s” a much better brand name? Because it is short, memorable, catchy and it has a ring to it. And, it encapsulates the fond relationship its regulars have with “Proddys”.

The Key Characteristics Of A Good Brand Name.

It should be:

  1. Short, easy to spell, catchy and memorable.
  2. Unique.
  3. Easy to visualise.
  4. Positive, evoking positive associations.

As the “Proddy’s” example illustrates, a brand name is different from a business name. The brand name is really shorthand for the business name.

The Key Characteristics Of A Good Business Name.

A business name should communicate:

  1. What the business does.
  2. Its Value Proposition.

What is a Value Proposition?

Value is “what you get for what you pay”.

Proposition is the reason to buy from this business.

(For a full definition check our glossary of home business terms).

Do You Need a “Doing Business As” Name?

In certain states, and under certain circumstances, you will need to register a “Doing Business As” (DBA) name

These circumstances are:

  1. Partnerships or Sole Proprietors. If you are not going to be trading under your personal name, you need to register a DBA name.
  2. LLC’s or Corporations. If you have an existing LLC or corporation, but you want to trade under another name, you will have to register this name.

** The requirement to register a DBA name only applies to certain states. Check with your local authority.

Email Address Naming

How you name individual email accounts is an important, but often overlooked, element of your overall branding.

Would you rather communicate with, or or, simply,

Your email address naming policy says something about your style (formal vs informal) and your professionalism (how much thought you have put into email naming).

You can also create email addresses for specific purposes. If you are setting up an online training business, for example, you may want to create an email address called something like Your customers will know exactly what the content of emails sent to that address should be.

What’s in a name? As you can see around you, plenty!

This is a free tool to search for a business name.

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