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Running A Business At Home

Time will take your money, but money won’t buy time.

James Taylor

The thing I like most about this quote is that it is both right and wrong:

Managing Profitable Home BusinessTime will take your money, because the costs of running a business are time-related.

But, money can buy you time if you understand outsourcing and make it work for you. Many home based businesses pay outsourcers to enable them to increase their output within a fixed period of time.

Management of a legit work at home business is about planning, organizing and controlling. We have covered planning in other sections. In this section we shall focus on organizing and controlling the business to maximise its profitability.

Because the success of a legitimate home business depends largely on the performance of one person, the owner, in this section the kind of organizing we focus on is personal organization.

We also have some suggestions on accounting and tax, as well as some technology solutions to boost your productivity.

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