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In Search Of The Best Home Based Business For Women?

If you are a stay at home mom but want to earn some income, many of these work at home business ideas for women may inspire you:

At Home Business Ideas For Women Bring out your creative side designing gift selections from items you have made or bought and created into unique and awesome gift ideas. You can select a specific market such as pregnant women, teenagers, babies, etc. or cover a broader range such as women’s or men’s gifts. You will need to have good organizational skills ensuring you have a good stock of supplies at all times. Investigate if you will require any permits to run this business from home.

How about crafts such as: Candle making, soap making, pottery, jewellery making, T-shirts, quilts, bead work, candy making or cake decorating? Look at creating something unique, whether it is in the shape, smell or type of soap or candle you are selling. Just remember to research and check your competition before starting a craft business. Selling your products online would be less time consuming. Once you establish yourself as an expert, you could add video tutorials on “how to make…”.

If you are good at writing, why not try freelance writing? This can be anything from editing, proofreading, writing resumes, creating presentations, grant writer and manager, e-books to writing your own children’s book. You could join sites like and CraigsList to get freelance writing jobs. Alternatively you could establish your own blog on a topic you are passionate about and even turn it into a coaching blog. If you have experience in a topic, share this through coaching and helping others.

A great work from home business women can get involved in and enjoy doing is opening a party supply business. You will have had plenty of experience of kids parties and know how time consuming and frustrating it is to try and get supplies from different places. Why not offer a one stop party supply shop from home?

If you like using your hands and imagination, or enjoy scrap-booking, then creating unique cards for all occasions is another option for a legitimate home business.

Do you have an interesting hobby that you could teach from home? Or are you passionate about something you do every day, for example cooking or yoga? Classes can be arranged to suit your schedule and do not have to be prearranged well in advance.

Dating services are very popular at present. It is a great work from home business for women, although, initially, it will take some time to establish a database of clients. If you have great social skills and like social media, this could be the best home business opportunity for you.

If you have some previous experience in customer services, then consider a work from home customer services job. Do make sure you get detailed information on how you will get paid (per call or per hour) and what equipment you will need. Although this is a work from home business, you are still employed by a company.

Are you fluent in English and at least one other language? A translating job may interest you. For more information on certification, visit  The American Translators Association.

Being a full time mom and trying to run a home business can be daunting and requires a great deal of commitment, passion and perseverance, but if you use your skills and knowledge and leverage them to make money, you can succeed.

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