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Legitimate Home-Based Business Ideas

Looking For That Special Home-Based Business Idea?

Kick start the brain cells with these:  

Legitimate Home Based BusinessA cleaning service business can be started with minimal capital. You can specialize in office or home cleaning or work with real estate agencies in cleaning ready for sale and foreclosed properties. Alternatively you could look at window cleaning, gutter cleaning or carpet cleaning.

Do you love baking? Are you creative? Maybe cake decoration, a cake-making business or specializing in wedding cakes may be an option.

In a catering business you can provide healthy precooked meals that can be frozen for busy families, specialize in catering for a niche market (for example, vegan food or picnic lunches for bus tours),or cater for events.

 Care Services such as day care, senior care or pet care are great if you enjoy working with people or animals.

You can find more information on starting a day care service at home at Child Care Aware and How to Open a Successful Home Daycare Business.

Starting a Senior Care Business has useful information if you are considering senior care.

If you are an animal lover, you may want to consider a pet care business which includes pet-sitting, dog-walking, mobile grooming services, picking up and delivering pets and caring for pets at homes or a combination of these. You could include selling homemade designer pet clothes, cage covers, blankets and toys.

If you have a good eye for detail and have great organizational skills and enjoy working with people, then consider event planning. This includes organizing and managing events such as weddings, parties, family reunions, corporate events and more. For more information, see Starting a Career in Event Planning.

How handy are you around the house? Do you think you have the skills to be a Handyman? You will have to check if you need any license and you will need insurance cover.

Love gardening? Why not offer a yard maintenance service? If you own a lawnmower and some gardening tools you can start this business with almost no money. You will have to market your business to get clients, but hopefully once you have a few, word of mouth will generate more business.

A concierge service or local delivery service is an option if you have your own transport. This includes running errands for people such as picking up their children from school, taking their pets for grooming, taking seniors shopping or to and from appointments, delivering items for local companies or any general errand that they are too busy to do themselves but willing to pay you to do.

How about becoming a virtual assistant? Work at home whilst taking phone messages, schedule appointments, book travel reservations and do some correspondence work for a company. You can obtain more information on this from The International Virtual Assistants Association and American Virtual Assistant Association.

Running an e-commerce business from home involves buying and selling products online through e-bay, etsy or your own website. This looks easy but can be very difficult as the competition is high. Finding a product for a niche market may take time. Alternatively you could sell your own craft products. Ideally you need an in-demand product that you can sell from your website (with a shopping cart).

Blogging is very popular but you need to be an expert in your field to write on a particular topic. You can then make money through affiliate marketing selling products on your blog that earn you commission. This is not going to make you rich but you could earn a reasonable amount if your blog is rated well.

Unless you are a qualified bookkeeper, graphic designer, home inspector, massage therapist, hairstylist, beauty therapist or interior designer, investigate the training requirements for these first before considering them as a home-based business idea.

Tutoring is a great work from home business idea if you have a teaching skill or knowledge of a particular subject. You could do both at home one-on-one tutoring and online tutoring. Tutoring provides assistance in problem solving, expertise and encouragement. You will need to be reliable, enthusiastic about your subject, have a lot of patience and an open mind. Plus you will need your own transport. How To Become a Private Tutor has some useful tips.

Party Planning can be an option for you’re at home business idea depending on where you live. You will need to research whether this type of business would be profitable in your area. Party planning can include anything from kids’ parties, pool parties, bridal showers, sports events, etc. to weddings. It could be easy straight forward birthday parties to events requiring accommodation, catering and entertainment. You do not have to be everything to everyone but can decide which category you want to be in. Start small and grow your business by venturing into bigger events.

Junk Removalist – this can be just hauling unwanted stuff to the dump or separating the junk from the good stuff or being asked to handle the sale of unwanted stuff. You could take on general, office or household junk removal.

A work from home business online sounds easy especially if you listen to the “make money online fast” advertisements selling you all sorts of tools, training and advice. Yes, it is possible to make money with websites selling affiliate products or advertising, but you need to know what you are doing.

Starting from scratch will take months of learning, learning and more learning until you can identify what is really needed, how to do it and what it is going to cost. Even then there is no guarantee that you will make money. It is not something you can put up on the internet and sit back and wait for the money to roll in.

If you decide this is the best home based business opportunity for you, then do your research thoroughly and do not buy everything that looks good; keep your credit card in your pocket until you have worked out what will work for you. It is probably best to start this part-time and see if it will work before giving up your regular income.

Creating videos for businesses and individuals is another great legitimate home-based business idea as the internet is fast moving towards video based marketing. If your passion is in video production, explore You Tube to get some ideas, look for editing jobs to start with as you could do these on your computer, charge by the hour and set yourself goals.

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