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5 Reasons Why You Should Trust Your Instincts


Years ago I joined a major multi-national consumer goods group after a successful, but exhausting 5 years establishing and growing a small business. I was young and I assumed that my own judgement was not as well developed as my seniors in a huge business like that.

My boss convinced me that, now that I was in a business that placed value on “best practices” I should make decisions based on systems and templates. No longer should I base decisions on “gutfeel”. That is what cowboys do. I needed to go through ratings and checklists compiled by very clever people and add up the score before deciding.

I have never made so many mistakes in my life!

Here are 5 reasons why you should trust your instincts when you decide on the right home-based business for you:

  1. Your “gutfeel” isn’t some sort of talent that you were born with. It is, in fact, the accumulation of years of life experience, trial and error, deductive reasoning and learning. To ignore it in favor of a simplistic system seems crazy.
  2. How many times in life have you looked back and said “I should have trusted my instinct?” You acted “against your better judgement”. With home-based business ideas, if something seems to good to be true, it almost always is.
  3. The people behind most successful home-based businesses say that their job doesn’t feel like a job at all. They are doing what comes naturally to them. Your instinct will tell you if the home business idea excites you or not. If it does, you are much more likely to succeed.
  4. The great innovators all had one thing in common. From Thomas Edison to Steve Jobs, they all had an instinct about what would resonate with people. They trusted their instinct and went with it.  Colin Powell described it as “the ability to see round corners”.
  5. Animals have instincts. Weaver birds know how to build complex nests. We are products of thousands of years of evolution. We have innate abilities to sense what feels right. Trust your innate sense. It is thousands of years old!

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