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The Secret To Becoming a Successful Party Planner

Billie KeeslarToday’s article is by Billie Keeslar. Billie has owned and operated several small businesses, including an Italian restaurant (she does not recommend), a Women’s Boutique that sold clothes, jewelry and make-up and a full-service Nail Salon. Then, with her husband, she created a Children’s TV Series that showed children how to make things. She sold the series to schools and libraries all over the world. Over to you, Billie….

Home Based Childrens Party Business

More and more people are looking for at home business ideas these days. The big question is where do you start? If you’ve always worked for someone else, how do you change your mindset from being an employee to becoming a business owner. One of the best ways to find the right business for you is to think about what you know, and what kind of experience you have from your career or maybe your hobbies. The years you’ve spent at your job does make you an expert. So capitalizing on your interests and what you’re talented at is the best place to start.

Plan Your Business

But before you begin to pursue your new business its important to have a plan. First you will need to evaluate the market, is there a demand for your new business. If you find that this would be a business you want to pursue and there is a need, find out how you’re going to satisfy that need.

What’s Involved In Planning Kids Parties

If you like to give, go to and plan parties you might want to become a party planner. A party planner can and will plan every aspect of a party for their client. Included in their duties might be invitations, decorations, entertainment, food and more. Most party planners will also attend the party they have planned to make sure everything is going well and that the guests are enjoying themselves. If you’re interested in starting a childrens birthday party business you will probably have to be very interactive with the party goers. A child’s party will consist of much the same duties as a adult party but will probably require you to set up games and prizes.

While you can benefit from having a website for your party planning business, just know that much of your work will take place by interacting with others face to face. While you can plan many aspects of the party by making telephone calls and sending emails, you will also have to visit with your clients and your vendors in person.

How To Start A Party Planning Business

If you want to be a party planner, you may want to get started with the people who are closest to you. Many successful party planners get their start by planning their friends’ parties for free and then will use their recommendations to help them land paying jobs. This is an area where experience is a must; not only do you need experience to get the job but you’ll need experience to do this job.

You will need to know which locations are suitable for certain kinds of parties, which vendors provide the best food, and you’ll need to know which entertainment venue will be suitable for which types of parties. If you want to be a party planner then you will want to get started as soon as possible. Get to know local vendors, and network with others who are in the party planning business. While party planning is actually a great deal of work, you can carve out a lucrative career and have a lot of fun at the same time when you are a party planner. It might be best if you carve out a niche for yourself that way you can become an expert in your area of expertise.

If you want to learn more about becoming a Children’s Party Planner, I have created a Child’s Tea Party business guide and I want you to have a copy. Be sure to download your free 28 page guide on how to start your own home based business.