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About Us

Rene and Mart

As restless entrepreneurs at heart, corporate life was stifling for Rene and Martin.
So, they dumped their business suits and moved to a home in the country.


That’s us and this site is about establishing and growing a work from home business.

We both worked in the corporate business environment for many years, before deciding to have a lifestyle change about 3 years ago. Moving from the city lifestyle to the country was quite a challenge.

Initially we slaved away growing hydroponic tomatoes but after 2 years we realized it was unsustainable for us long term.

After exploring many options we decided to start our own work at home business and this website is the result of months of research, discussion and planning. We have learnt so much setting up our online business that it seemed logical to start with a website where we can share our knowledge and experience.

Our combined corporate work experience includes years of market research, marketing, business training, medical expertise and training and insurance. Both of us have worked for companies and subsequently set up our own individual businesses as well.

Our goal is to be a comprehensive source of information for anyone wanting to start and build a successful home business.

If you have a business idea but do not know what to do next, this website will guide you through the process of what you have to consider, research, plan and implement to set up your work from home business.

Our vision is to be a leading online provider of information on home-based business start-ups.

We will be revising, updating and improving this website regularly.

We welcome any feedback or questions you may have.

Please contact us.